Unleash the Goddess Within

Are you ready to unleash the goddess within and step into your true power as a leader, entrepreneur, and vibrant woman? The Unleash the Goddess Within program is here to help you do just that.

Imagine being surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded women, all on a mission to tap into their inner power and achieve their wildest dreams. Our live events and group adventures will take you on a transformative journey, pushing you outside of your comfort zone and helping you break free from self-limiting beliefs.

But it doesn't stop there. As a member of our exclusive mastermind program, you'll have access to the Queenology Training System, a comprehensive program designed to help you unlock your full potential as an alpha queen. Through weekly coaching and mastermind calls, our experienced team will guide you through the process of releasing self-doubt, embracing your unique gifts, and stepping into your role as a powerful leader.

And that's not all - our AQC Training Portal is jam-packed with over 100 hours of valuable resources and training materials. From business strategies to health and wellness tips, you'll have all the tools you need to conquer every aspect of your life.

But don't just take our word for it - book a call with one of our dream team coaches today to learn more about how the Unleash the Goddess Within program can transform your life. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a future filled with success, abundance, and empowerment. We can't wait to help you unleash your inner goddess and watch you shine.


1. What is the purpose  of the "Rise & Reign: The Alpha Queen Experience" event?

The purpose and intention of this event is to help women unleash their inner Alpha Queen and step into their true power with confidence, courage, and authenticity. Through a 6-step methodology designed by Karissa Adkins, participants will gain practical tools, insights, and empowerment exercises to transform their lives and become the empowered, confident, and authentic Alpha Queen they were born to be.

2. Who is Karissa Adkins and what is her role in the event?

Karissa Adkins is a local Omaha Queen who decided to take her passion and mission for women's empowerment to the global level. Karissa is the Empress of Empowerment and a Self-Image Architect. She will be coaching and mentoring participants throughout the event, guiding them on their journey to self-discovery and empowerment. Karissa has designed a 6-step methodology specifically for this event, and her expertise will help participants gain the confidence to own their brilliance and self-worth. Karissa has been seen on networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and MarketWatch for her expertise in coaching and empowering women to RISE up and claim their true potential. She has also been featured on the cover of 2inspire Magazine and is a 3X best selling author. 

3. How much is the ticket for the event and what does it include?

The ticket for the event is $97.00, and 50% of the ticket sales will support a local non-profit called Rejuvenating Women. In addition to supporting a great cause, the ticket grants participants access to the immersive experience, which includes brunch and beverages fit for Queens, 3 powerful empowerment activities, epic networking and collaboration opportunities, and a sisterhood of empowered women. Click here to learn more about Rejuvenating Women https://restoredwings.org/

4. What should attendees wear to the event?

Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as their best Barbie self, showcasing their unique personality and embracing their true selves. Whether it's a glamorous Queen Barbie, a powerful CEO Barbie, or a bold Fashionista Barbie, attendees should come dressed to impress and let their attire reflect their confidence, courage, and authenticity. Dressing up is not just about fun and fashion; it's about stepping into one's true power and showing the world that they are the Alpha Queen they were born to be.

5. What is the goal of the event and what can attendees expect to gain from it?

The goal of the event is to empower women to step into their power, own their brilliance, and embrace their authenticity. Attendees can expect to gain practical tools, strategies, and insights to overcome obstacles, create financial freedom and abundance, build a sustainable and impactful legacy, unleash their radiance, and manifest the life of their dreams with confidence and grace. They will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of empowered women who are on the same journey, providing support, upliftment, and celebration of each other's growth.

Hear from other Radiant Queens

Stephanie Brown

When I started working with Karissa, I felt defeated, depressed, and like a failure. Karissa helped me heal my past trauma, overcome some self-sabotaging tendencies, and she helped me heal my relationship with food. Because of the habits and daily routines that Karissa helped me create I was not only able to lose close to 20lbs of fat and keep it off, but I also feel like I gained my life back.

Sarah Jones

Karissa’s advice & guidance have led to big changes in the quality of my life and has helped me achieve my body goals. Her 10-week program helped me form new habits that strengthen my mindset. I no longer feel guilty for taking time for myself because I know that in order for me to be the best for my family, I first need to be the best for myself. I loved her program so much that I continued working with her for an additional 3 months.

Chrissy Ford

"Karissa is an absolute Rockstar. I can’t begin to describe how much value I found in her coaching. The 12-week program Karissa offered was tailored to achieving my specific goals and she held me accountable to them. She guided me every step of the way. I know I can count on Karissa to be positive, encouraging, upbeat, honest, and firm when needed. Every week I felt like I had a breakthrough moment that allowed me to reach my goals. Thank you, Karissa, for allowing me to see what I am truly capable of with the right Mindset!"

Shelby Reeker

"About a month or so ago I was introduced to Karissa and was blown away by her passion and attitude towards life. It was inspiring just listening to her talk and share her wisdom that when leaving the conversation I was already feeling so empowered. I recently joined her group coaching program called Reclaim Your Best Self and am only a few weeks in, but I can already tell this program is powerful. I cannot wait to see what my future holds and what else I can learn from this beautiful lady. She is lighting a fire inside of me and I cannot be more thankful! PS....I GOT THE JOB!"

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